From celebrations and markets through to music and cultural events involving international artists and celebrity stars – EdelSteinLand promises a rich cultural programme for all.

Experience the Karl-May Performances in Mörschied. An exciting enactment with duels, special effects and action-packed riding scenes awaits you.

In keeping with the motto “Idar-Oberstein illuminated”, events such as Jazz Days, the THEATRE SUMMER, the Theatre Programme and all the way through to the “Film in Theatre” initiative offer visitors an array of high quality cultural events throughout the year.

One additional event highlight is the German Gemstone and Goldsmith Market (“Deutscher Edelsteinschleifer- und Goldschmiedemarkt”. Approximately 50 gemstone cutters, silver and goldsmiths as well as jewellery designers will be spending the first weekend in August demonstrating their handicraft along the pedestrian zones of Oberstein’s market square. The street theatre festival taking place in tandem transforms the pedestrian zone of Oberstein into a breath-taking, colourful and fascinating hive of activity. In addition to the German gemstone and goldsmith market, the Idar gemstone market situated on “Schleiferplatz” in the heart of Idar is also bound to get pulses racing among jewellery and gemstone fans.

Embark on a journey through time in the historic town of Herrstein – on the annual "Schinderhannes Festival" on the second weekend in September, where there will be some robbers going about their unsavoury deeds. The “Martini Market” (first weekend in November) gets the early festive period rolling, and the market town of Veitsrodt extends its all-year invitation to the major Veitsrodt premium market.

An extensive overview of all events being hosted in EdelSteinLand can be found in our event calendar.

By the way: The Tourist Information EdelSteinLand offices act as booking offices for Regional Tickets. You will be able to purchase the tickets from us for your next event visit with ease, and have them printed out.

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