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Gemstone camp at the gemstone mines in Steinkaulenberg

"Treasure hunters" can go in search of agates, amethysts, rock crystals, jasper, and smoky quartz during the gemstone camp. Hoes, pickaxes and spades are available to the treasure [...]

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Gemstone digging site at the Gemstone Adventure World

Outstanding educational fun for children and teenagers! In the gemstone digging site, which is protected from the wind and rain, children and adolescents can dig in a type of rock [...]

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Specialist seminar – “Gemmology"

“You’re interested in gemstones" and have always wanted to know more about the topic? The German Gemmological Society e.V. (Die Deutsche Gemmologische Gesellschaft [...]

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Guided minerals search in the quarry “Juchem”

Every other weekend you have the opportunity to go in search of minerals in the “Juchem” quarry (between Fischbach and Niederwörresbach). Treasure hunters [...]

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Agate heap – company Lemke, Bruchweiler

Borrow a bucket or even a wheelbarrow, and kick-start your treasure hunt atop the agate heap at the company Lemke. Any agate pieces or leftover material that you can place in your [...]

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The journey of the gemstone – from its origin to the final polish

Gigantic lava flows forged their way over many centuries past from the earth’s core to its surface. Dazzling minerals are the result of this spectacular natural event. During [...]

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Celts, knights, layer breakers

In the wild and romantic Hahnenbach Valley, you will hike through the past with a certified nature and landscape guide. A unique backdrop invites you to explore: hillside forests [...]

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Experience industrial history up close

Experience amazing industrial history – Discover the industrial era during the blossoming period of Art Déco and Art Nouveau. Idar-Oberstein’s [...]

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Adventure day in the National Park region

for children groups and school classes - Guided adventure hike in the magic forest (Zauberwald), directly by Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park - Day and time freely [...]

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Culinary delights “down the mine” – a very special experience

Do you love the extraordinary? Now then, you will love the culinary delights that await you in a very special location with a unique atmosphere: Descend into the hollows of the [...]

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Guided e-mountainbike tour

Let us show you the most beautiful places in the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park. As a service partner for hiking and cycling tours in the National Park region, we offer a [...]

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Guided hike along the inspiring “Medieval Trail”

Simply stunning: Explore the ‘Medieval Path’ together with our hiking guide, who has a detailed knowledge of the region’s landscape and people. The round hiking tour [...]

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Hunsrück hiking holiday for dog people & their pets

Services included: 2 overnight stays at "Bahnhof Thalfang", 1 day at the caniplace leisure & health park in Thalfang Bookable at the organizer: Bahnhof Thalfang, [...]

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Creative seminar "Polishing gemstones for both young and old"

Together with the company Louis-Gottlieb & Söhne we offer creative courses:A) Demonstration course / duration: 2 hoursCourse content: General introduction to polishing [...]

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Historic Herrstein – vibrant Middle Ages

Take a memorable trip into the past, and experience the vibrant Middle Ages! How did people live and work back then? The answers await you here: in front of and behind the [...]

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Mysterious, fiery Herrstein – tour by torchlight through the historic town centre

Spark-filled, mediaeval atmosphere, dim lit alleyways and unfamiliar shadows align the rustic house walls. As sunset approaches, the town of Herrstein as it was in centuries past [...]

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Gemstone digging at the historic “Weiherschleife” Cutting Mill

Children and adolescents alike can use sand screens to dig for the coveted minerals hidden away in a sheltered sandpit at the Historic “Weiherschleife” Cutting Mill, which has [...]

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Schinderhannes Wine discovery tour

The handcuffs still hang on the pillory, the prison bed looks like it's only just been left vacant ... Discover the town of Herrstein by retracing the footsteps of the infamous [...]

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Creative seminar “Designing jewellery”

Delve into the world of Idar-Oberstein’s creative talents, and design your very own personal jewellery items. Over the course of 25 teaching hours, a goldsmith will demonstrate [...]

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3 days of unlimited gemstone experience

In EdelSteinLand there is so much to discover! Visit the German Gemstone Museum (Deutsche Edelsteinmuseum), with specialist facilities for guests with limited mobility, and [...]

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4 days of unlimited Edelstein adventure

Enjoy barrier-free Edelstein adventure! Visit the former “Erbstollen” main mine shaft at the Fischbach Copper Mine and be amazed by the beautifully crafted exhibition on show [...]

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Our ranger and adventure tours

Why not accompany our Rangers during one of their monitoring and observation tours through the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park. Cast a glance over the shoulders of the [...]

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Guided tour of the old town (Oberstein)

Our tour guides are just waiting to captivate you with Oberstein's eventful history while you can enjoy the picturesque backdrop of Oberstein's old town.   Beginning with [...]

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National Park try-out days

Discover the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park during a short trip to EdelSteinLand. Accompany the Ranger on his tour through the National Park and visit Wildenburg Castle, gateway [...]

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