National Park try-out days

Discover the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park during a short trip to EdelSteinLand. Accompany the Ranger on his tour through the National Park and visit Wildenburg Castle, gateway to the National Park, along with the “Wolf’s Blood Landscape” (“Wolfsblut-Wolfslandschaft”) and the “Wild Cat Centre” (Wildfreigehege Game Reserve).

By using the guest card available to EdelSteinLand visitors, you will be able to enjoy all the sights associated with gemstones and geology at reduced admission prices.

Available to you:
- 2 overnight stays in the chosen category
- The EdelSteinLand guest card
- Admission to the Wildenburg Wildfreigehege Game Reserve
- Optional: Participation in a Ranger’s Tour  
- Detailed information folder
Dates: all year round
Price per person:
Boarding house – double room €99.00, single room €129.00
Hotel – double room €109.00, single room €139.00

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