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Creative seminar – “Gemmology"

“You’re interested in gemstones" and have always wanted to know more about the topic? Together with the German Gemmological Society e.V. (Die Deutsche Gemmologische Gesellschaft e.V.) we offer two multi-day seminars covering the basics of gemmology. A) Introductory seminar on Gemmology with 27 teaching hours Seminar contents: General terminology, conditions of learning, features and [...]

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Creative seminar “Designing jewellery”

Delve into the world of Idar-Oberstein’s creative talents, and design your very own personal jewellery items. Over the course of 25 teaching hours, a goldsmith will demonstrate how gold and silver can be transformed into a wonderful item of jewellery. The finished article will, of course, remain in your possession. 

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Creative seminar "gemstone polishing"

Together with the company Louis-Gottlieb & Söhne we offer creative courses:A) Demonstration course / duration: 2 hoursCourse content: General introduction to polishing gemstones / cutting, grinding and polishing / grinding cabochon / initial polishing of a stone’s core / material can be kept. Material will be provided.B) Introductory course / duration: 4 hoursCourse content: General [...]

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The way of the gemstone – from its origin to the final polish

Gigantic lava flows forged their way over many centuries past from the earth’s core to its surface. Dazzling minerals are the result of this spectacular natural event. During your guided tour of the gemstone mines in Steinkaulenberg, you’ll not only discover everything to do with how gemstones are formed, you’ll also be able to marvel at the stunning jewels in the rock faces. The follow-on [...]

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ManufacTour - the precious vacation package

We have put together individual ManufacTour packages for you - packed with fine craftsmanship, real passion, creativity & authenticity. On top of that, experience a journey through time into the exciting history of chain and fashion jewelry manufacturing, lots of Hunsrück hospitality and delicious regional delicacies. Our jewelry designers create unique one-of-a-kind jewelry [...]

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