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Historic Herrstein – vibrant Middle Ages

Take a memorable trip into the past, and experience the vibrant Middle Ages! How did people live and work back then? The answers await you here: in front of and behind the [...]

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Industrial history to sink your teeth into

Industrial history to sink your teeth into – Discover the industrial era during the blossoming period of Art Déco and Art Nouveau. Idar-Oberstein’s jewellery-rich history is [...]

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“Schinderhannes” guided tour with a wine tasting session

The handcuffs still hang on the pillory, the prison bed looks like it's only just been left vacant ... Discover the town of Herrstein by retracing the footsteps of the infamous [...]

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Mysterious, fiery Herrstein – tour by torchlight through the historic town centre

Spark-filled, mediaeval atmosphere, dim lit alleyways and unfamiliar shadows align the rustic house walls. As sunset approaches, the town of Herrstein as it was in centuries past [...]

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Culinary delights “down the mine” – a very special experience

Do you love the extraordinary? Now then, you will love the culinary delights that await you in a very special location with a unique atmosphere: Descend into the hollows of the [...]

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‘The great scuttle’ – an Egyptian beetle made of stone will be your good luck charm!

Yes, that’s right: Here you can create your very own, ingenious good luck charms! And the best thing is – it takes the form of an original scarab beetle in your favourite [...]

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Exciting mineral and fossil expeditions – with a leading expert

Is an exciting adventure experience in nature your thing? Then join us on our exciting mineral expedition led by the expert Wouter Südkamp, who will be able to explain many new [...]

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Children's adventure day underground at the Fischbach Copper Mine

Experience the magic together with your children and youth groupto be had in the fascinating underground world at the Fischbach/Nahe Copper Mine. The dwarfs mentioned in our fairy [...]

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Exciting workshop: “Cleopatra from a different angle”

The German Gemstone Museum in Idar-Oberstein boasts an extensive collection of historical original gems and cameos: These are impressive pictorial reliefs carved in stone. Everyone [...]

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Underground mining in EdelSteinLand

During a guided tour of the gemstone mines in Steinkaulenberg – the only gemstone mine accessible to the public in Europe – and the copper mine in Fischbach, you will delve [...]

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The Gemstone Trail – Dinosaur’s foot, multimedia show and treasure hunt

From the depths of the earth, and embedded in several million years of ancient lava flows – this is how valuable gemstones have forced their way up to the outer layers of the [...]

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