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Culinary delights “down the mine” – a very special experience

Do you love the extraordinary? Now then, you will love the culinary delights that await you in a very special location with a unique atmosphere: Descend into the hollows of the [...]

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Hunsrück’s stony treasures – Guided mineral and fossil expedition

Under the guidance of an experienced tour guide you will collect minerals and fossils located at original digging sites in the area, while also learning more about the region’s [...]

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Guided hike along the inspiring “Medieval Trail”

Simply stunning: Explore the ‘Medieval Path’ together with our hiking guide, who has a detailed knowledge of the region’s landscape and people. The round hiking tour [...]

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Wild herb hiking in the footsteps of Saint Hildegard of Bingen

The guided wild herb hiking tours along the Medieval Trail are very much dominated by the legendary Saint Hildegard of Bingen (approx. 1098 - 1179) Together with a certified nature [...]

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Polishing gemstones for both young and old

Together with the company Louis-Gottlieb & Söhne we offer creative courses:A) Demonstration course / duration: 2 hoursCourse content: General introduction to polishing [...]

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Experience industrial history up close

Experience amazing industrial history – Discover the industrial era during the blossoming period of Art Déco and Art Nouveau. Idar-Oberstein’s [...]

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Idar-Oberstein – Three glittering days

You too are just a stone’s throw away from unique adventures, during which you will discover the gemstone and jewellery-rich history of Idar-Oberstein.

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The way of the gemstone – from its origin to the final polish

Gigantic lava flows forged their way over many centuries past from the earth’s core to its surface. Dazzling minerals are the result of this spectacular natural event. During [...]

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Historic Herrstein – vibrant Middle Ages

Take a memorable trip into the past, and experience the vibrant Middle Ages! How did people live and work back then? The answers await you here: in front of and behind the [...]

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High-carat and interesting – a very special wine tasting

Allow yourself to be mesmerised by the world of gemstones and wines.You can enjoy these two treasures of the earth during a culinary wine tasting session with a beautiful ambience. [...]

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Mysterious, fiery Herrstein – tour by torchlight through the historic town centre

Spark-filled, mediaeval atmosphere, dim lit alleyways and unfamiliar shadows align the rustic house walls. As sunset approaches, the town of Herrstein as it was in centuries past [...]

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Three National Park adventure days for groups

Kick-start your three-day adventure tour to discover the highlights on offer in the EdelSteinLand and the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park.

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Altstadtführung (Oberstein)

Unsere Gästeführer warten nur darauf, Sie vor der malerischen Kulisse der Obersteiner Altstadt mit ihrer bewegten Geschichte in den Bann ziehen zu dürfen. Begonnen [...]

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Underground mining in EdelSteinLand

During a guided tour of the gemstone mines in Steinkaulenberg – the only gemstone mine accessible to the public in Europe – and the copper mine in Fischbach, you will delve [...]

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