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Get to know the people who make up EdelSteinLand - authentic, committed and lovable " characters" who are the face of our region.

These people will tell you their story(s), and reveal what they like and love so much about EdelSteinLand. And they have very special tips for you, tips about where they themselves are always drawn to in our region and what they love to do here.

Let yourself be carried along and get to know the EdelSteinLand from the different, very personal views of those who are at home here. This page is constantly being expanded - there are so many interesting people here who want to show you EdelSteinLand!

We all cordially invite you to visit us and our EdelSteinLand in person and to convince yourself of what is so particularly worth living, loving and seeing here!

Andreas Roth - Gemstone engraver

Idar-Oberstein is the city where I grew up, live and work. Already as a little boy I watched my father at his work, which fascinated me more and more. And early on, I always said [...]

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Bettina Reiter - German Gemstone Queen 2018/2021

Since fall 2018, I have represented the gemstone region as German Gemstone Queen and draw attention to the tradition, diversity and special features of the cultural asset gemstone [...]

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Jürgen Schneider - Organizer of the Veitsrodt Markets

I was born in Mörschied and grew up in Veitsrodt. After school, training as a banker and studying, I worked in Frankfurt, among other places, until I was drawn back to my [...]

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Andrea Fischer - Author

For me, there is no more beautiful place on earth than the Hunsrück. I live on a farm in the middle of the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park and my love for my home can [...]

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Ernstotto Biehl - Water Grinding Mill Asbacherhütte

In our agate water grinding mill at the Fischbach in Asbacherhütte, we have been working on and with the gemstones unchanged according to old tradition for four [...]

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Thomas Korb - Gemstone Cutter

In our gallery Am alten Sägewerk and the gemstone cutting workshop in the idyllic Katzenloch village, I live my dream job. We realize all wishes and ideas of our [...]

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Ulrike Garlipp - Culture and wine ambassador on the Nahe river

Inspired by the cultural heritage of the region, the landscape, the history and the wine of my homeland, I completed the course for cultural and wine ambassador Nahe in 2013 and am [...]

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Reiner Philippi - Ranger im Nationalpark Hunsrück Hochwald

I'm Reiner Philippi, I live in Idar-Oberstein, and since 2015 I've been a ranger in the Hunsrück Hochwald National Park, Germany's youngest national park, which stretches [...]

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Roland Flohr - E-Bike Group Hunsrück-Nahe

As a trained electronics engineer and working in the large computer industry, 10 years ago I discovered the e-bike for myself. Over the years, more and more like-minded people [...]

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Otmar Korb - Tourist Guide Historic Weiherschleife

I first came into contact with the world of gemstones at the age of 13 - as a young vacation jobber at the Heinz Bros. company in the Weiherschleife. Now, a good 50 years later and [...]

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Anette Fuhr - the "Guardian of the Treasures"

For me, EdelSteinLand is one of the most beautiful regions in Germany. Here, hills combine with rippling waters and are complemented by the unique deposits of gemstones in a [...]

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Nicolai Bollenbach - a piece of the copper mine

I have been the operations manager at the copper mine (KBW) in Fischbach - my home village - since 2011. The fact that I am allowed to work where I grew up is both a responsibility [...]

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Anna Schick - the queen under the mountain

Since December 2019 I have represented the Fischbach copper mine (KBW) as copper queen and I am now allowed to do this for another year because of the circumstances that Corona [...]

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Heide Schübelin - Enzweiler Beautification Association

I have been the chairperson of the Enzweiler Beautification Association for several years. The men of our working group meet on Wednesday mornings and go out with mowers, scythes, [...]

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Jenny Sauer & Alex Wolff - other-beings, handicrafts and Hunsrück pearls

Since 2002 I have been working as a gemstone and jewelry designer with great passion on the topic "ANDERSWELTEN: Von fantastischem Realem und real Fantastischem". With a holistic [...]

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Winfried Walg - tour guide in Herrstein

As a tour guide in Herrstein, I take great pleasure in walking with visitors through the historic town center and showing them well-known and little-known places, telling stories [...]

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Jean Collin - Knivesmith in the old tradition

My blacksmith's shop in Herrstein and my activities are to some extent part of the long tradition of small blacksmith's workshops, as they used to exist not only in the countryside [...]

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Timo and Dieter Koch - Harfenmühle camping site

Timo Koch My tasks: - Varying tasks in the family business. - Welcoming guests at reception. - Selling bread rolls in the morning - Advising and informing guests - Service [...]

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Sibylle Delzeit - from pragmatism to real passion

When my father said to me 40 years ago, "You can either go to work in an office or learn to be a goldsmith," and I chose goldsmithing, I never thought that this pragmatic decision [...]

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