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As a trained electronics engineer and working in the large computer industry, 10 years ago I discovered the e-bike for myself. Over the years, more and more like-minded people came together, and now there are almost 30 women and men who are on the road on Mondays and Thursdays in varying group sizes.

The attractive combination of sport, leisure activities and nature experience and all that in our wonderful region, inspires all who participate. We especially like our low mountain range landscape with its heights and deep valleys, which always provide variety.

The main goal of the group is to use public roads as little as possible. Therefore, we are very pleased that more and more cycle paths are being built in the Birkenfeld district, such as the recent "Radlust" loops, which we have already ridden. Also the connection Nahe - Glan, which can be cycled on almost continuously. One of our absolute top routes is the National Park Route including the Erbeskopf. It is always great to stand on the highest elevation of Rhineland-Palatinate and enjoy the panoramic view.

Our highlits in EdelSteinLand, which we visit again and again, are the fascinating Mörschieder Burr, with a wonderful view far into the Palatinate, and the Wildenburg, which is a frequent destination and where we always like to stop.

If you would like to join the group, you can find information in advance on the Facebook page E-Bike Tours Hunsrück-Nahe and contact us there.

And if you feel like trying out e-biking in EdelSteinLand, you can find tips on tours and our e-bike rental service here.

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