Nordic Walking Mörschieder Burr

A total of 10 designated routes, which are between 5 - 16 kilometres long and offer different difficulty levels (easy, medium and difficult), lead to several sites and attractions.

The Nordic Walking Park offers two particularly exciting destinations: the “Mörschieder Burr” and the “Wildenburgkopf”.
The stunning routes offer a mixture of rock slops, forest, old trees, springs, small forest lakes and sensational views. Sights and attractions such as Wildenburg Castle with a lookout tower, Game Reserve and nature trail, as well as the historic “Asbacherhütte” water mill can be found along the way.

During the months of June and July, training in the Nordic Walking Park is great when combined with a visit to the Karl-May Performances in Mörschied.

At the three entry points (Wildenburg Castle, Sportplatz Mörschied and Harfenmühle) there are a sufficient number of parking spaces, and all three points offer plenty of localities for you to enjoy some rest and relaxation.

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