Woof! Dog friendly vacation in Hunsrück

A comprehensive vacation offer for dog people and their four-legged companions to spend an unforgettable time together: Nothing less is our claim. To this end, the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park Region offers extraordinary nature experiences, a colorful portfolio of dog-friendly accommodations, many "I'm allowed to come along" offers such as ranger tours, geocaching, museum visits and much more.

A special highlight in the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park Region is Caniplace - Germany's first leisure and health park with fenced-in play and training meadows, a public outdoor swimming pool for dogs and Canitime's special leisure offers for dog lovers.

Discover the "WUFF" flyer here: "Vacation & Leisure with your Dog" with all kinds of information and activities for you and your four-legged companion.

You can order the flyer as well as further information for your stay in EdelSteinLand and get them delivered to your house free of charge.

Things to visit with your dog in EdelSteinLand

You would like to explore the special sights in EdelSteinLand with your four-legged friend? Here is an overview of the sights that will allow you to bring a dog and if there are any other rules to follow: Celtic settlement Altburg: leashed dog allowed Copper mine Fischbach: leashed dog allowed (must walk over floor grids or be carried briefly at these points) Fossil museum Bundenbach: [...]

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Noteworthy dates for dog-friends in 2022

may 28 + 29 The Hunting Game Baumholder oct. 29 + 30 Halloween Run Bundenbach nov. 19 + 20 Camp Canis Trail Baumholder

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Accommodation for both man and dog

If you want to experience EdelSteinLand up close and personal, it's best to take a few days right away, because there's a lot to discover! You need accommodation for you and your four-legged companion? We've got you covered:

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