Bundenbach Fossil Museum

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Hunsrück slate and its fossils

The fossil museum presents a wonderful selection of roughly 400 million year-old animal and plant fossils taken from the slate of the "Bundenbach” region. Fossils found at this incredible digging site enjoy real international appreciation thanks to their sensationally good condition. That's why they are present in many well-known museums worldwide. Hunsrück slate was formed from the deposits of an ocean that was scarcely 200 m deep. The Fossil Museum is barrier-free


Approximately 400 million years ago, in the Lower Devonian Period, our area was situated on the southern edge of a continent, the mainland of which began north of an Essen-Aachen line. To the south, sand and mud were deposited on the continental shelf which had been flooded by the ocean. The mainland was hardly covered by any vegetation, and quickly fell victim to the process of erosion. Huge quantities of rough sand were excavated from the coasts; thereafter the finer material collapsed as silt at some distance. The continent’s edge slowly began to sink, leading to the formation of several layers, each 1,000 m thickness, over the course of hundreds of millions of years. Hunsrück slate was formed from fine clay and soft sand deposits.

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