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Whether it be a visit to the fascinating exhibitions on show at our museums, a voyage of discovery down the mine in the Fischbach Copper Mine  or in the gemstone mines of Steinkaulenberg, through to numerous guided tours, there’s something here to suit every taste. See for yourself – you are warmly invited to a fantastic adventure in EdelSteinLand. 

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Gemstone mines in Steinkaulenberg

Like being in a fairy tale cavern, this is just how you will feel in this gemstone tunnel, the only one of its kind in Europe which is accessible to the public. It’s not just [...]

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Historic Herrstein – lively middle ages

The medieval town of Herrstein will entice you into a charming and idyllic setting from the past. Your journey into the past will take you back between 500 and 300 years – [...]

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German Gemstone Museum

Globally unique and an absolute “must” for sparkling jewel enthusiasts: here, all types of rough and polished gemstones are presented along with an expansive sculpture gallery [...]

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The German Mineral Museum in Idar-Oberstein – fascinating highlights in abundance

One of the smallest cameos in the world, a crystal hall unique throughout the country and an impressive collection of historic diamond replicas: These are just some of the [...]

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“Jakob Bengel” industrial monument: the historical chain and costume jewellery factory

After arriving at the old factory founded in 1870 you will immediately feel like you’ve been catapulted back into a bygone age – where you suddenly find yourself in the [...]

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The copper mine in Fischbach with barrier-free tunnels – simply marvellous!

Experience mining during medieval times on the Nahe river, thanks to a modern and stimulating tour of the copper mine. Europe’s largest medieval excavation site dug by hand is [...]

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Historic “Weiherschleife” Cutting Mill

The last gemstone mill operated by water wheel on the Idarbach river provides an entertaining spectacle in the form of a gemstone exhibition, along with spectacular multimedia [...]

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Wildenburg Game Reserve – lively, vivid, unforgettable!

Over 400 local animal species encounter one another at close range in the 42-acre Wildenburg Game Reserve – nestled in the stunning Hunsrück mountain and forest landscape in [...]

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Goldbachs Weine & Steine in Herrstein

In lovingly restored historic rooms, the Vinoteque presents a large variety of wines, sparkling wine and fruit-based spirits produced by selected regional winemakers. You are [...]

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Schmidtburg is one of the oldest and most important fortress complexes in Hunsrück. Its origins date back to 926 when three Franconian noblemen from the monastery of St. Maximin [...]

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Wildenburg Castle

Wildenburg Castle was built during the Middle Ages in the year 1330 by the nobleman, Wildgraf Friedrich von Kyrburg. After a long and eventful history of destruction, [...]

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Edelstein Adventure World and factory outlet for jewellery, gemstones and minerals

In what is a unique and imaginatively designed exhibition landscape in Europe, precious gemstones and minerals are available not just for viewing, but can be experienced with all [...]

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The “Felsenkirche” church – legendary and unique

The town’s famous landmark is the prominent medieval church (built between 1482 and 1484) situated in a prominent location above Idar-Oberstein. Just the ascent is a worthwhile [...]

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Historic Biehl Water Grinding Mill, Asbacherhütte

The historic, water-powered agate cutting mill is a completely atypical water-powered cutting mill in comparison to the “Weiherschleife”. The reason for this can be traced back [...]

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Bundenbach Fossil Museum

ATTENTION: Important information and pandemic-related changes in the opening hours of our attractions can be found here. Hunsrück slate and its fossils The fossil [...]

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Museum of local history Herrstein

The museum in Herrstein is located in the immediate vicinity of the former town gate, today's clock tower. It presents the rich history of the town and its surroundings, from [...]

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The “Herrenberg” Exhibition Mine

The historic “Herrenberg” Exhibition Mine in Bundenbach is not exactly your everyday attraction, located on Hunsrück Schiefer- und Burgenstraße. It offers its visitors an [...]

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Jewellery and gemstone town of Idar-Oberstein

The jewellery and gemstone town of Idar-Oberstein is your destination. Discover the secret behind the legendary “Felsenkirche” church, explore Fortress Bosselstein and [...]

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Castle Oberstein and Fortress Bosselstein

The Castle of the Lords of Daun-Oberstein, (“Das Schloss der Herren von Daun-Oberstein”), strikingly situated on a spur above the river Nahe, offers an impressive backdrop [...]

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Allenbacher Schloss

Castle Allenbach is, in addition to Fortress Eltz and Castle Gemünden the only inhabitable medieval castle in the Hunsrück region. Today, it is under monument protection. [...]

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Altburg Celtic settlement

The reconstructed Celtic settlement of ALTBURG is the most well-researched and vivid witness to the lives of people living more than 2,000 years ago to the west of the Rhine. The [...]

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The WasserWissensWerk is the visitor and information centre for everything to do with drinking water and is located directly at the Steinbach dam (Steinbachtalsperre) near [...]

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The Sternenland indoor play centre guarantees great family fun for all ages. Jumping, climbing, romping and discovering across 2,500 m². The “Sternenland” playcentre is an [...]

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