Museum of local history Herrstein

The museum in Herrstein is located in the immediate vicinity of the former town gate, today's clock tower.

It presents the rich history of the town and its surroundings, from early geological history through Celtic and Roman times to the Middle Ages and the present, with very interesting exhibits and information boards. The slate fossils and minerals from the region, which formed the basis of the gemstone industry in the area, are of particular interest. Life and buildings of the Celts from the centre of their settlement area are presented as well as numerous archaeological finds from Roman times.

Founded between 1100 and 1200 A.D. as a secondary residence of the Counts of Sponheim, the town was granted city rights in 1428 A.D. and was the seat of a high court. The visitor finds many exhibits and explanations from this epoch, especially from the medieval justice.

Other sections are dedicated to the horrors of the Thirty-Years' war and the affiliation to the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg later on. Of particular interest are the depictions of historical trades such as tanners, weavers, turner, agate grinders and mechanics. Visitors will find a completely preserved bicycle constructed by a local mechanic in 1868 and a depiction of the Herrstein power station founded in 1903. Another section introduces the mining and copper and iron smelting industries, which were once well represented in the region.

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Opening hours: 01.05. to 30.10. always Sundays from 14:00 -17:00 o'clock. Outside these times, group tours through the museum are available on request.

Prices: Admission during regular opening hours is free of charge. Special opening per group (up to 25 persons): 10,00 €. Visit to the museum as part of the guided tour of the historic centre: €60.00 per group up to 40 people.

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