Allenbacher Schloss

Castle Allenbach is, in addition to Fortress Eltz and Castle Gemünden the only inhabitable medieval castle in the Hunsrück region. Today, it is under monument protection.

Allenbach was a blossoming industrial area from the Middle Ages through to the end of the 19th century. Two copper smelters have been documented since 1400 and 1450 respectively. They were supplied with ores from the Hosenbach valley at Fischbach, which was then melted down for the Counts of Sponheim, Rhine and Wild.

During a stroll through Allenbach, you will be able to discover so much more about the area’s history thanks to additional information boards!

Opening times and prices: Tours of the castle are possible during the “Open Monument Day” (“Tag des offenen Denkmals”)

Further information on the history of the castle can be found here.

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