Schmidtburg is one of the oldest and most important fortress complexes in Hunsrück.

Its origins date back to 926 when three Franconian noblemen from the monastery of St. Maximin in Trier exchanged land, in order to build a castle fortress to counteract the Hungarian armies, who at the time represented a major threat to the territory.

There is much to suggest that this castle is a reference to Schmidtburg castle, but it must be assumed that this medieval complex was designed purely as a place of refuge, and had little resemblance with the castle, which has been preserved as a ruin.

Thanks to an initial clean up operation by the Scouts at the end of the 1960s, followed by a first round of safety work by the Schneppenbach local community between 1972 and 1975, as well as broader-scale excavation and safety work undertaken in the 1980s, the mining facilities were once again made accessible.

Subsequently, this important monument remains a testament to local history for the residents of Kirn, and may also encourage others to engage more actively with their own history.

The fortress complex is freely accessible to everyone.

Last but not least, we would like to draw your attention to the miners’ bar; here, our guests can enjoy chilled refreshments, coffee and cake or a hearty serving of traditional miner’s fare.

Opening times: 1 April - 31 October, daily from 10 AM - 1 PM and from 2 PM - 5 PM.
Guided tours from 6 people (adults). Parking for cars and buses available.
Further information shall be provided by the Bundenbach local community, Tel .: 06544 - 92 72

Unfortunately, Schmidtburg is not accessible for disabled people.
The approach roads are also not wheelchair accessible.

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