Wildenburg Castle

Wildenburg Castle was built during the Middle Ages in the year 1330 by the nobleman, Wildgraf Friedrich von Kyrburg. After a long and eventful history of destruction, reconstruction and change of ownership, in 1963 it became the property of the “Hunsrückverein” Association.

The landmark of Wildenburg Castle, which can be seen from miles away, is the 22 m high tower situated on top of Wildenburg’s peak and resting on quartz rock. On clear days, you can enjoy a far-reaching view across the Idar Plateau through to the “Erbeskopf”, the highest elevation in Rhineland-Palatinate, the “Donnersberg” in Palatinate, the “Rotenfels” near to Bad Kreuznach, and the “Schaumberg” at Tholey in Saarland. The tower is open all year round, and can be ascended for free.

Tip: Visit the Wildfreigehege Game Reserve at the foot of Wildenburg Castle.

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