The “Herrenberg” Exhibition Mine

The historic “Herrenberg” Exhibition Mine in Bundenbach is not exactly your everyday attraction, located on Hunsrück Schiefer- und Burgenstraße. It offers its visitors an impressive insight into the work undertaken by miners, and also reveals a world of fossils from prehistoric times.

The “Keltensiedlung Altburg” Fossil Museum and the Exhibition Mine are situated close together, and can both be visited by purchasing a combined ticket. The recently built outside terrace is also a great place to enjoy a coffee and take in the stunning view of the “Hahnenbach” river and valley.

The Exhibition Mine, unique in terms of its set-up, was painstakingly opened up and made accessible in 1975 by the Association for Fossil Friends (“Verein für Fossilienfreunde”).

In 1988 its physical structure was altered in such a way that wheelchair users were now able to tour the mine without issue.

Today, it is run by the Bundenbach local community, along with the guiding assistance of experienced miners.

Opening times
During term time in the Rhineland-Palatinate region:
Monday – Friday:                                11 AM - 4 PM
Saturdays / Sundays / Public Holidays:                   11 AM - 5 PM
During school holidays in the Rhineland-Palatinate region:
Monday - Sunday + Public Holidays: 11 AM - 5 PM

Parking for cars and buses available.

For further information please contact the Bundenbach local community association, Tel.: 06544 - 92 72.

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