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German Gemstone Museum

Globally unique and an absolute “must” for sparkling jewel enthusiasts: here, all types of rough and polished gemstones are presented along with an expansive sculpture gallery (a collection of antique stone sculptures). Good to know: Disabled access friendly incl. lift Guided tours, wine tasting and children's workshops upon request. Further information and prices: www.edelsteinmuseum.de

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The German Mineral Museum in Idar-Oberstein – fascinating highlights in abundance

One of the smallest cameos in the world, a crystal hall unique throughout the country and an impressive collection of historic diamond replicas: These are just some of the highlights with which the German Mineral Museum is able to inspire countless visitors from all over the world, every single year. Located in the heart of the district of Oberstein, and in the immediate vicinity of the [...]

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Edelstein Adventure World and factory outlet for jewellery, gemstones and minerals

In what is a unique and imaginatively designed exhibition landscape in Europe, precious gemstones and minerals are available not just for viewing, but can be experienced with all the senses. Surrounded by shining gemstones and an incredible interplay of light and colour, the adventure world incorporates a variety of replicated natural wonders, animals and mystical creatures. A particularly special [...]

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Bundenbach Fossil Museum

Hunsrück slate and its fossils The fossil museum presents a wonderful selection of roughly 400 million year-old animal and plant fossils taken from the slate of the "Bundenbach” region. Fossils found at this incredible digging site enjoy real international appreciation thanks to their sensationally good condition. That's why they are present in many well-known museums worldwide. Hunsrück slate [...]

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“Jakob Bengel” industrial monument: the historical chain and costume jewellery factory

After arriving at the old factory founded in 1870 you will immediately feel like you’ve been catapulted back into a bygone age – where you suddenly find yourself in the flourishing Art Deco and Art Nouveau eras. The overall ambience is characterised by the charm of this fusion between industry and history. In the fashion industry’s major cities, the name Bengel once enjoyed a legendary [...]

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Museum of local history Herrstein

The museum in Herrstein is located in the immediate vicinity of the former town gate, today's clock tower. It presents the rich history of the town and its surroundings, from early geological history through Celtic and Roman times to the Middle Ages and the present, with very interesting exhibits and information boards. The slate fossils and minerals from the region, which formed the basis of the [...]

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