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Here you will find our certified quality host – the German online hiking portal “Wanderbares Deutschland”.

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Guided hike along the inspiring “Medieval Trail”

Simply stunning: Explore the ‘Medieval Path’ together with our hiking guide, who has a detailed knowledge of the region’s landscape and people. The round hiking tour commences in historic Herrstein. You will follow a route that takes you through the town’s medieval centre with its beautifully artistic timbered houses, followed by expansive fields, before passing the municipalities of [...]

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Hunsrück adventure - on the tracks of prehistoric animals from the Devonian Sea

The Hunsrück holds a lot of history! Come with us on a journey through time - through forests and along clear streams, where sparkling Hunsrück fool's gold awaits you. Who will be the first to find a glittering stone? You can break open a rock yourself under expert guidance and - with a bit of luck - find a fossil and prepare it. During the tour there will be a typical lunch.

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Our ranger and adventure tours

Why not accompany our Rangers during one of their monitoring and observation tours through the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park. Cast a glance over the shoulders of the professionals at work. Take a good look at the work of the National Park. Learn more about the National Park, about nature and culture, about the landscape and people, and about the flora and fauna. The ranger tours are free [...]

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