Castles and fortresses

Castle Oberstein and Fortress Bosselstein

The Castle of the Lords of Daun-Oberstein, (“Das Schloss der Herren von Daun-Oberstein”), strikingly situated on a spur above the river Nahe, offers an impressive backdrop above Oberstein’s historical town quarter, together with “Bosselstein” castle and the world-famous “Felsenkirche” church. Viewing: When standing in the inner courtyard with its sheltered terrace, you can cast [...]

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Allenbacher Schloss

Castle Allenbach is, in addition to Fortress Eltz and Castle Gemünden the only inhabitable medieval castle in the Hunsrück region. Today, it is under monument protection. Allenbach was a blossoming industrial area from the Middle Ages through to the end of the 19th century. Two copper smelters have been documented since 1400 and 1450 respectively. They were supplied with ores from the Hosenbach [...]

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Altburg Celtic settlement

The reconstructed Celtic settlement of ALTBURG is the most well-researched and vivid witness to the lives of people living more than 2,000 years ago to the west of the Rhine. The Celtic settlement of Altburg is accessible as a barrier-free destination. History: Among the most important ancestors of today's Hunsrück inhabitants include the Treverer, a Celtic tribe that dominated Hunsrück before [...]

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Schmidtburg is one of the oldest and most important fortress complexes in Hunsrück. Its origins date back to 926 when three Franconian noblemen from the monastery of St. Maximin in Trier exchanged land, in order to build a castle fortress to counteract the Hungarian armies, who at the time represented a major threat to the territory. There is much to suggest that this castle is a reference to [...]

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Wildenburg Castle

Wildenburg Castle was built during the Middle Ages in the year 1330 by the nobleman, Wildgraf Friedrich von Kyrburg. After a long and eventful history of destruction, reconstruction and change of ownership, in 1963 it became the property of the “Hunsrückverein” Association. The landmark of Wildenburg Castle, which can be seen from miles away, is the 22 m high tower situated on top of [...]

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