Hunsrück Schiefer- und Burgenstraße

“Grey” gold and counts filled with pride – one street tells its story

The “Hunsrück Schiefer- und Burgenstraße” offers a whole range of exciting things to discover. It flows through the southern Hunsrück region and the Nahe valley, and thus establishes the connection to the “German Gemstone Road” and the link to the “Nahe Wine Road”.  The Hunsrück- Schiefer- und Burgenstraße is more secluded than extrovert, and offers many things to see and do.

Visitors who embark on a journey of discovery will become familiar with the many achievements of mankind and the earth’s history.

Those castles, churches and palaces situated along the “Hunsrück Schiefer- und  Burgenstraße” region, which establish a direct connection between the history of the earth and the history of civilisation, stand today as silent witnesses to a former life and building culture. Even the Celts lived here in villages situated at protected heights such as the Altburg mountain. The history of millions of years can be traced in the many metres of thick slate. Slate is the dominant building material used in the picturesque villages.

You will enjoy particularly varied landscapes while on foot, hiking one of the premium hiking trails, the “Traumschleifen” and  “Vitaltouren”.

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