Treasure hunt in EdelSteinLand

Gemstone digging area at the gemstone mines in Steinkaulenberg

The mineral mining site at the gemstone mines in Steinkaulenberg is filled with minerals from all over the world every single day, and offers a great opportunity for children and adolescents alike (adults not excluded) to search for minerals using sand screens. A highpoint in the two-hour mineral exploration is when a gemstone geode is “cracked” open. All finds remain the property of the [...]

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Agate heap – company Lemke, Bruchweiler

Borrow a bucket or even a wheelbarrow, and kick-start your treasure hunt atop the agate heap at the company Lemke. Any agate pieces or leftover material that you can place in your receptacle is yours to keep.

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Gemstone digging site at the Gemstone Adventure World

Outstanding educational fun for children and teenagers! In the gemstone digging site, which is protected from the wind and rain, children and adolescents can dig in a type of rock grotto spanning more than 60 m2 while scouring for sparkling gemstones. Every enthusiastic treasure hunter may take home all the gemstones they find!

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Historic “Weiherschleife” Cutting Mill

Children and adolescents alike can use sand screens to dig for the coveted minerals hidden away in a sheltered sandpit at the Historic “Weiherschleife” Cutting Mill, which has been filled with minerals from around the world. Finally, the gemstone can be given its final polish using large sandstone grinding wheels. An old original polishing wheel is also available. Part of the two-hour long [...]

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Hunsrück adventure - on the tracks of prehistoric animals from the Devonian Sea

The Hunsrück holds a lot of history! Come with us on a journey through time - through forests and along clear streams, where sparkling Hunsrück fool's gold awaits you. Who will be the first to find a glittering stone? You can break open a rock yourself under expert guidance and - with a bit of luck - find a fossil and prepare it. During the tour there will be a typical lunch.

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